Year Round Staff


Ben Clawson
(973) 948-3550 Extension 21

Ben first came to L.G. Cook 4-H Camp as a camper, in the summer of 1995, and he hasn’t missed a summer since. He’s been a camper, CIT, volunteer, counselor, Senior Staff Member, Summer Camp Director, Program Director, and now Camp Director. ¬†They say when looking for a career, think of what your favorite thing was when you were 12, and try to do that. When Ben was 12, his favorite thing was Summer Camp, so it worked out okay.

Heather Schultz
(973) 948-3550 Extension 23
Heather might be one of the first people that you will talk to when calling into camp. She has a business management background as well as some accounting. She has a great deal of pride in her work and brings fresh ideas to the table. We look forward to seeing the improvements our new team can make to camp.
Joe Ziolkowski Joe
(973) 948-3550 Extension 27
Joe brings dedication, a great sense of humor and enthusiasm for all aspects of camp. He has experiences in renovating houses, real estate and facility maintenance. And he is noted for his love of music. (He went to Berkeley College of Music, writes and performs his own songs and has his own in home studio!) One of his hobby in his spare time is being a coach of an Odyssey of the Mind team for his local school. We look forward to working with him for many years to come
Camp Dog
He's a dog, he has no phone number
Or an e-mail address
Woodrow has been representing LG Cook ever since he was a tiny puppy. Now he's a giant horse. Well, not really a horse, but he's certainly big enough to be one. He's usually out with his masters strolling past the lake or hiking through the trails keeping camp safe from critters and other unwanted pests. Campers sure love to see Woodrow come by their class, rec activity or even to the waterfront. In Woodrow's eyes, this is his camp and we're all here for him!