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We’re back! We can’t wait to welcome our campers back to 4-H Camp for some good-ol-delightful-techfree-fun-in-the-sun-new-friend-making-Summer-Campy-goodness and togetherness. We all certainly need it more than ever.

Check out our sessions on the left including our brand new BIG session #5!

Information on COVID mitigation protocols can also be found on the left.

Standard Camp Rate (Sessions 1-4 ) - $700

BIG Session (Session 5) - $2400

4-H/Rutgers Discount – Minus $25 ($75 for Session 5)

We believe every child should have the chance to go to sleepaway camp. If your family is facing financial hardship or difficulties, please call the Camp Office at 973-948-3550 to discuss the details of applying for an L.G. Cook 4-H Camp Campership.

Themes are like the spice of a Summer Camp week, a way for us to “switch it up a bit” for each session of the season. 95% of every Camp week features the same great classic Camp schedule and activities, but each theme brings its own unique twist. Every Wednesday night we’ll have a theme activity, and the theme will always dictate Friday afternoon’s culminating all-camp game. The theme will also influence our campfires, talent shows, and what crazy costumes our counselors might be donning that week. We always recommend parents pick the session that fits their schedule best, but if a specific theme suits your camper, that just might be the best week for them to come to Camp!

July 5th-10th

Pirates of Lake Shawanni

It’s time for the return of one of our campers’ favorite themes! Lake Shawanni will once again become our seven seas and all the campers shall be mateys. Shores will be ahoyed, timbers will be shivered, and treasure will be plundered (as talking like a Pirate constantly and certainly more than necessary will be key to the week.) Captain Sompton O’Rudder will almost certainly once again be up to no good. Through all the fun, adventure, and misadventure of Pirate Week, we’ll also be sure to avoid scurvy with our supply of fresh fruit.
July 12th-17th

Epic Tales...of Mythic Legends

Our new hit theme from 2019 is back with a second chapter! 4-H Camp’s about a bunch of things, but one of our favorite things that Camp is about is storytelling, and we’re bringing all the stories we can find and then some to Epic Tales...of Mythic Legends week! Knights, castles, dragons, royal courts and all the medieval drama that comes with ‘em? Sure thing! Wizards, unicorns, and other mystical fairy tale creatures galore? You know it! Woodland lore, forest folktales, lake adventures, raccoon raconteurs? Why in the world not!? Too many descriptive storytelling words in the session’s title? How could we do it any other way!? 4-H Camp runs wild on wild imagination, and we sure won’t be lacking any of it during Session #2, because this week will once again be...EPIC. And mythic. And legendary. And you get the idea.
July 19th-24th

Camper vs. Counselor Olympics

The first week in August 2021 is during the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, so that means we’ve got to have a Summer Olympics at 4-H Camp too! Our campers will compete in various feats of skill, feats of brains, feats of cleverness, feats of creativity, feats of energy and enthusiasm and feats of overall Camp campiness as they go for the gold, the silver, the bronze and every other kind of medal! And, as you may have surmised from a close reading of the session’s title – we are adding the counselors to compete against the campers in all the above feats! Events will range all over Camp and will most likely culminate in a crazy All-Camp game that only 4-H Camp can do! In between all the action, campers can look forward to our staff's pantomiming skills during our real-world Official Olympic Updates. The Summer Olympics only occur every four summers (or five in this particular case), so join us for this 4-H Camp event five years in the making.
July 26th-31st

Broken Time Machine

Yup, Session #4 we’re scheduled to use one of our favorite, reliable, never-fails-us pieces of 4-H Camp equipment. We’re going all the way to the back of the maintenance shop, dusting off and hauling out the trusty Lindley G. Cook 4-H Camp Time Machine. Sure, it’s been sitting idle in the back of the shop for a couple seasons, but we’re sure the ol’ thing still works just fine. For Session #4, we’ll fire the ol’ contraption up and journey to all the great historic time periods, from the Stone Age to Ancient Rome to The Renaissance and off to the future and beyond. It’ll go great, and we’ll get to and from all our destinations with no issues or exciting mishaps whatsoever. Like everything else on our 70-year-old facility, it’s held up fine and we never have any problems with it, so the Time Machine is sure to work perfectly. We mean, c’mon, there’s no way the Time Machine is broken or anything.
August 4th-21st



Our traditional end of summer festival! For the final session of the summer we celebrate all the fun we’ve had all season long by super-sizing our session and bringing back some of our favorite themes and activities from earlier in the year, as well as enjoying all the classic summer camp elements that make L.G. Cook 4-H Camp so great. S’moregasbord is extra special now because it also features a handful of activities and events that could only happen in this 18-day session. The last session of Camp for the summer is always a special one, so come join all the counselors and staff in wishing the 2021 season a BIG send-off.

Click here for more details on the Big Session.