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So you’re ready to sign up for Summer Camp!

Congratulations, we think this is a decision both you and your camper will be quite pleased with, and a whole summer adventure awaits.

Registration is entirely online, and should take approximately 15-30 minutes. You’ll create a user name and password, so you can save your progress at any point and return to the application later. You may already have a user name and password if you have registered for Summer Camp or Family Camp in a previous season.

If you are registering a returning Camper and are already familiar with all of our policies, you can just go on ahead and register right now by clicking here.

Cost of a Week at Camp

Standard Camp Rate - $650

Early Bird Rate 1/1/19 - 3/15/19 - $600

Polar Bear Rate 12/1/18 - 12/31/18 - $575

4-H/Rutgers Discount – Minus $25

Sunday Early Drop Off - $100

Apply any discount codes at time of registration. We cannot accommodate any discounts after the time of registration.

If making a bunk-mate request, please only name one child of a similar age to your Camper.

We can only guarantee if campers mutually request each other, and logistically we cannot accommodate more.

It also works against our mission for too many friends to be in a cabin together as it can stand in the way of the opportunity to make a whole bunch of new friends.

Camp offers the opportunity for campers in different cabins to see each other plenty during meals, classes, and all-camp activities as well. Most of our campers attend Camp without a bunk mate request.

We encourage you to go through our class list with your camper and together decide which three classes they would like to take.

A List of Classes can be found here.


Please be sure you’ve reviewed our policies on behavior, SAD Campers, and technology as well as the emergency health procedures in our Parent Survival Guide.

Payment is required in full at the time of registration. If you are registering for multiple sessions and would like to discuss payment options, please contact the Camp Office.

$200 of your registration fee is non-refundable. If your cancellation is received two weeks before your registered session, the remainder will be refunded. After that time, there will be no refunds outside of medical emergencies (A note from your Doctor is required.)

Please take time to check the dates you wish your child to attend. There is a fee to change your dates after you register. Themes and dates can be found here.

Color Wars

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.