Photo: Campers and candlelight. Photo: Campers with jazz hands. Photo: Campers practicing yoga. Photo: Campers rocking out with tennis raquets. Photo: Camper games. Photo: Camper crowd. Photo: Happy campers.
Summer 2018
Session 1: (July 2nd-7th) Classic Camp / 4th of July
Session 2: (July 9th-14th) Jurassic Camp
Session 3: (July 16th-21st) CHAOS!
Session 4: (July 23rd-28th) Pirates of Lake Shawanni
Session 5: (July 30th-August 4th) Brokener Time Machine
Session 6: (August 6th-11th) Camp Whodunnit?
Session 7: (August 13th-18th) S'moregasbord
Lindley G. Cook 4-H Camp
100 Struble Road
Branchville, NJ 07826