What Last Summer’s Staff Have to Say
Photo of staffers.

“Connecting with the kids made the long hours and exhausting days 100 percent worth it”

“The Senior Staff was an amazing support system”

 “Camp is like no other place. It creates endless memories, good characters and an appreciation for nature, friends, and life.”

Photo of camper with staff member.

“It’s tough, but it’s rewarding and we have a ton of fun. I learned to be more outgoing, less insecure, and it’s okay to be silly. This place is truly amazing.”

“Every day I feel as though I learned something. Being around campers all the time reminded me to be serious but silly at times, and I think I built up a lot of stamina and overall became more confident.”

Photo of camper with staff member.

“This camp is magic. The best part was seeing myself in the campers and pushing myself to be better so I could serve as a great role model.”

“It takes a certain kind of person to effectively work here. They need to be kind and supportive to their campers as well as their peers. They also need to be a bit crazy as well.”

“I learned I can rise to the challenge of multiple responsibilities and continue to have a positive attitude.”

“The worst part was having to say good bye.”

"I took care of kids between 8 and 16 years old, taught classes, ran activities, wore a long skirt for a day, took care of pee-soaked bedsheets, checked heads for lice, avoided screaming at children, and got disgustingly, abhorrently, atrociously dirty. Seriously. Imagine a kiddie pool full of pond scum, lake sludge, ice cream, corn, chocolate cake, rice, soggy toilet paper, chicken noodle soup, paint, eggs, flour, sour milk, and rainbow sprinkles. Now imagine yourself jumping into it. And sitting there. With a smile on your face. For a solid twenty minutes. And stick your whole face right into it for good measure. All that, and you get pretty close to how dirty I was. Anyways, it was basically the best summer of my life. I'm planning on doing it again next year. Camp rocks."

Photo of campers.