What Last Summer’s Parents Have to Say

“Camp never disappoints! Each year is better than the last. Each experience provides learning in a comfortable environment. Nick has made true lifelong friendships -- seen them grow, diminish and grow back.”

“Thank you for setting a tone in the cabin and among the children that created a safe and supportive environment for them to have fun, try new things and meet new friends.”


 “Your camp is a place that my daughter feels at home. She is comfortable to be who she is and feels accepted. Most of all she has fun. She speaks so highly of the counselors and looks forward to coming there all year long.  Thank you!”

Battle for the Island

“Our son just loves his time at camp. He lobbied hard for "more weeks" this year and we settled on three. He comes back with stories and songs and a sense of belonging. It brings out the child in all of them. You can tell there are some real healthy bonds made. We adore this place. It means so much to him and to us.”

“After coming home from her second and final week of camp, my daughter told me she was campsick, the opposite of homesick. She has so much fun and great interactions with other campers and counselors. Thanks for all your hard work making camp a special time.”