What Last Summer’s Campers Have to Say

“Everything I need to say right now is thank you. Thank you for setting up such a wonderful place to keep me emotionally and physically healthy. Thank you for letting me meet so many different people. Thank you for letting me experience something amazing.”

“The amount that the counselors love the campers and camp itself really shines through in their work”


“I had an amazing week just as expected. I love meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. I also loved having some of my friends become junior counselors and being able to be at camp with them just like old times.”


“If it weren't for 4H camp, I wouldn't be the person I am to this very second. 4H camp is a life-changing experience that alters your perspectives on the world and on life in general in a positive way. So yet again thank you for changing my life. And let this message speak for many other campers as well.”

“Camp is my favorite place in the world. I cry every year at the end and talk about it nonstop during the year. It makes me extremely happy to show other people how amazing camp is and I'm extremely grateful to have something so amazing in my life.”

“The counselors were enthusiastic, funny, family-like, and supportive.”

“The counselors are always so happy and energetic and are always willing to help you or make you laugh. They understand basically anything you tell them.”